Election observation

Through non-partisan civic election observation, Coalition wants to contribute to holding of the free and fair elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The presence of non-partisan observers throughout the country aims to protect the integrity of the electoral process and the votes of other voters. In contrast to the partisan election observers who observe solely for the purpose of a political entity, a non-partisan observers are observing to protect constitutional rights of all citizens.

Observation of elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina is an important project because it allows citizens to directly and actively participate in the electoral process monitoring its lawful conduct. The practice in the past eight years has shown that the highest percentage of election observers belongs to political parties who, apart from observation, have the right to elect municipal electoral commissions, create election leegislation, organize elections and are candidates at the elections. This practice, as well as the complexity of the political and administrative system in BiH, leaves plenty of room for electoral manipulation, particularly in smaller communities. With the presence of civic observers percentage of electoral manipulation and corruption can be reduced significantly, while the observation results can contribute to recommendations for improvement of the electoral legislation and the electoral process itself, to mobilisation of citizens for participation in the elections and raising public confidence in the elections.

After observing the 2014 General Elections, the Coalition published the Final Report that systemizes observation and recommendations to improve the legal framework for the conduct of elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Final Report on the elections of 2014 can be found here. With continuation of the election process monitoring activities during 2015, the Coalition monitored early local elections in six municipalities and first local election in newly formed municipality Stanari. Unlike with the 2014 General Elections, at the 2016 Local Elections the Coalition placed additional focus on the observation of the election campaign of the political subjects, and the monitoring of media reporting. A report on the monitoring of the 2016 Local elections with the recommendations for improvement of the electoral legislation, can be downloaded here.  In February 2017, the Coalition observed repeated election in the Stolac municipality, where the Election Law was severely violated and the electoral process violently interrupted at the 2016 Local Elections. 


The Coalition brings together legislators and experts in joint events to discuss important electoral issues;

  • The Coalition carries out a wide public debate on electoral issues through public debates, the results of witch are forwarded to the legislator;

  • The Coalition brings together legislators and experts on joint events to discuss and initiate the adoption of a law on political organisations;

  • Established base of trained and vocal advocates for changes to the electopn legislation use jointly developed advocacy mechanisms.


  • Conferences on electoral issues at central and regional level;

  • Public consultations on electoral issues;

  • Conferences on issues related to political entities work organisation at the central and regional level.



Šta je prioritetno za unapređenje izbornog procesa od preporuka Koalicije ''Pod lupom''?

The nonpartisan president of the polling station committee (616)

Names of all members of all Polling Station Committees should be publicly disclosed 30 days before Election Day (186)

Voting boxes should be transparent (197)

The height of voting booth should be decreased (65)

All of the above (925)

Other (148)