Press Releases

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  23.5.2019. - Press Release - Prevent election fraud and ensure free and fair elections in BiH through amendments to electoral legislation.
  25.4.2019. - Press Release - Coalition Pod Lupom: 2018 General Elections in BiH assessed as partially irregular
  17.2.2019. - Press release - Early Elections in nine municipalities/cities were mostly in accordance with The Electoral Law of BiH
  17.2.2019. - Press Release - Until 3:00 p.m. Election Day implemented without incidents and violations of the Election Law of BiH
  17.2.2019. - Press release - The Election Day in all nine municipalities/towns in BiH commenced in accordance with the Election Law of BiH
  07.10.2018. - General Elections 2018. - Election day in infographics
  08.10.2018. - Press release - PRELIMINARY ASSESSMENT OF ELECTION DAY
  07.10.2018. - Press release - Džaferović, Dodik and Komšić Win the Race for the Presidency
  07.10.2018. - Press release - 383 Reports on Critical Situations Received by 8 pm
  07.10.2018. - Press release - 240 Reports on Critical Situation Received by 2 pm
  07.10.2018. - Press release - Election Process by 9 am Under the Spotlight of the Coalition's observers
  07.10.2018. - Press release - No Reports Of Major Irregularities Regarding The Opening Of Polls; Observers Report Numerous Technical Difficulties
  05.10.2018. - Press release - Pre-election Period in BiH was Chaotic
  20.9.2018. - Press Release: Political Subjects in BiH Do As They Wish, the Law Does Not Apply to Them
  15.9.2018. Press Release - CRIMINAL ACT: Registered Cases of Misuse of Personal Data for the Purpose of Voting by Mail
  06.9.2018. - Press release - No Sanctions for Increasing Violations of the Election Law
  23.8.2018. - Press release - Electoral Irregularities and Violations of the Election Law of BiH Continue
  16.8.2018. - Press release - Election Irregularities Already Indicate That Election Will Not Be Free Or Fair
  09.8.2018. - Press release - Premature and Prohibited Campaigns Registered in Every Fourth Municipality in BiH
  19.7.2018. - Press release - The Coalition ''Pod lupom'' Announces the Start of Operations of its Long-Term Observers
  17.05.2016. - Coalition Pod lupom - Local Elections 2016 Conference Agenda

  08.04.2016. - Press release

  20.03.2016. - Workshops 'I am voting for the first time!' - The Coalition Pod lupom' will educate 15.000 high school graduates about elections

  15.03.2016. - The working group of the Coalition 'Pod lupom' began its work

  09.03.2016. - The Coalition 'Pod lupom' has become a full member of GNDEM network

  06.12.2015. - Elections in Milići, New Mayor - old power

  06.12.2015. - Early elections in Milići - Voting proceed without major problems

  06.12.2015. - Election Day in Milići started in accordance with the Election Law

  16.11.2015. - Informal gathering with representatives of media in Banja Luka

  12.11.2015. - Informal gathering with representatives of media in Sarajevo

  12.10.2015. - Political will exists, but is there a will for compromise to change the Election law?

  28.09.2015. - It is time to improve tehnical aspects of the election in BiH

  06.09.2015. - Elections in Fojnica past with an incident and a few minor irregularities detected

  06.09.2015. - The incident at one polling station in Fojnica

  06.09.2015. - Election day in Fojnica started in accordance with the election law

  04.06.2015. - Early elections in Fojnica ''under the magnifying glass''

  01.07.2015. - It is urgent to form Interministerial Working Group

  27.05.2015. - Roundtable ''Election Legislation – Polling Station Committees''

  20.04.2015. - The Coalition 'Pod lupom' formed working group

  24.03.2015. - Prevent election process manipulation

  17.03.2015. - Decrease the political influence on the election administration

  16.03.2015. - Roundtable 'APPOINTMENT AND TRAINING OF POLLING STATION COMMITTEE MEMBERS Noticed shortcomings and possible improvements'

  12.03.2015. - Roundtable in Tuzla on Problems and Improvements to Technical Processes on Election Day

  11.03.2015. - Round table ELECTION DAY Problems and possible improvements to technical processes Election Day

  04.03.2015. - 'Electoral Legislation of BiH When and how to make changes'

  03.03.2015. - The conference 'Electoral Legislation of BiH When and how to make changes'

  02.02.2015. - Coalition 'Pod lupom' Voting process in three municipalities flew without major problems

  01.02.2015. - Few irregularities registered during the voting process in Stanari, Istočni Drvar and Domaljevac Šamac

  01.02.2015. - Coalition „Pod lupom“ Early elections in three municipalities started without problems

  30.01.2015. - Coalition 'Pod lupom' More than 100 citizens will observe early local elections in five municipalities in BiH

  18.12.2014. - Coalition 'Pod Lupom' presented recommendations for changes of electoral legislation in BiH

  09.12.2014. - Coalition 'Pod Lupom' Cases of election irregularities available for public

  31.10.2014. - Coalition 'Pod Lupom' submitted to Central Election Commission a list of 96 reported irregularities

  13.10.2014. - The Coalition 'Pod lupom' Report on the election process

  13.10.2014. - Coalition 'Pod lupom' Irregularities reporting through 9 pm

  12.10.2014. - Coalition 'Pod lupom' Irregularities reporting through 6 pm

  12.10.2014. - Election Day at a majority of polling station began in accordance with the Election Law and regulations

  09.10.2014. - Coalition 'Pod Lupom' Presentation of the preliminary report on observation of the pre-election period

  08.10.2014. - Activities of the Coalition 'Pod lupom' on the Election Day

  02.10.2014. - Traning of observers in Banja Luka

  02.10.2014. - New videos on election irregularities

  29.09.2014. - Training for Trainers held in Teslić

  29.09.2014. - Preparations of the Regional Office in Bijeljina for observers' training

  19.09.2014. - Coalition „Pod Lupom“ submitted all requests for observers' accreditation

  16.09.2014. - More than 5.000 citizens applied to observe elections

  11.09.2014. - More than 4.000 BiH citizens want to become non-partisan observers

  04.09.2014. - Street fair of the Coalition „Pod Lupom“ held in Doboj

  04.09.2014.- The Coalition “Pod Lupom” Kicks-off Campaign to Recruit Election Observers in 42 Locations

  28.08.2014. - now on smartphones and tablets

  19.08.2014. - Legal discrimination in 80 Municipal Election Commissions

  08.08.2014. -The Government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands supports the Coalition 'Pod Lupom'

  04.08.2014. - The Coalition Pod Lupom launches its media campaign

  08.07.2014. - Coalition Pod Lupom introduced to the public

  01.07.2014. - Long-term observers begin their work


Šta je prioritetno za unapređenje izbornog procesa od preporuka Koalicije ''Pod lupom''?

The nonpartisan president of the polling station committee (616)

Names of all members of all Polling Station Committees should be publicly disclosed 30 days before Election Day (186)

Voting boxes should be transparent (197)

The height of voting booth should be decreased (65)

All of the above (925)

Other (148)