383 Reports on Critical Situations Received by 8 pm

The Coalition for free and fair elections ''Pod lupom'', which implements citizen, non-partisan observation of the 2018 General Elections in BiH, reports to the public about Election-Day processes until 8 pm
383 Reports on Critical Situations Received by 8 pm

By 8 pm, the Coalition “Pod lupom” received 383 reports on critical situations of which 75 registered cases refer to the voting process. It is concerning to see the appearance of the so-called Bulgarian train, which was observed in 14 polling stations. BiH citizens reported 189 irregularities mostly concerning the violations of electoral silence, bribery and pressure on voters.

All observers were allowed to observe the voting process. Objections and complaints were filed by the Coalition's observers and other observers in 15% of polling stations. Besides, it was instructed to enter 80 objections of the Coalition “Pod lupom” in the Polling Station Poll Book.

The voting process and the close of the polls in the remaining polling stations were carried out in line with the electoral law and regulations. Between 1 and 5 cases in which one person assisted multiple times voters taking the vote were registered at around 25% of polling stations, while between 1 and 5 cases of voting without valid identification documents were registered in 4% of polling stations.

The practice of a widespread family voting continued in these elections. Between 1 and 5 cases were registered in 52% of polling stations, with more frequent cases, between 6 and 25, being registered in 4% of polling stations.  More than 25 such cases were registered in 1% of polling stations.

In isolated cases it was observed that voters arrived at polling stations with ballots that were already filled out and that one person was given multiple ballots for the same electoral level.




The comparison of the types of irregularities by polling stations shows that usually only one type of irregularity appears at a polling station.

79% of polling stations closed at 7 pm; 15% of polling stations closed by 7:15 pm, while the remaining 6% of the polling stations closed by 8 pm.

In 76% of polling stations, there were no voters outside the polling station during the close. In 22% of polling stations, citizens who were outside the polling station at 7 pm were allowed to vote, while in 2%, voters were not allowed to vote. All members of the polling station committee were present during the close of the polls at the majority of polling stations.

The Coalition's observers still monitor the vote count in the polling stations, while 143 observers simultaneously monitor the work of local election commissions.

Information about the counting process and determination of election results for members of the Presidency of BiH will be presented to the public at tonight's press conference at the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH at 11 pm.


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