Early Elections in nine municipalities/cities were mostly in accordance with The Electoral Law of BiH

The Coalition "Pod lupom", which today observes early elections for mayors/city mayors in nine municipalities/towns in BiH, informs the public about implementation of the Election Day until 9:00 p.m.
Early Elections in nine municipalities/cities were mostly in accordance with The Electoral Law of BiH

The Election day, in the most polling station for Early Elections 2019. in 9 municipalities and towns was in accordance with the Electoral Law of BiH with the small number of registered irregularities and procedural omissions in the work of the polling station comittiees. Although, it is still concerning that some of the irregularities are repeating constantly in every Elections in BiH   and any serious reaction of legislators, investigative institutions or election administration on the highest leves is missing.

Most of the irregularities are related to family voting (more persons in the voting booth). These irregularities are registered in 69 polling stations out of which, more than 6 such a cases in 3 polling stations. In 66 polling stations, up to 5 cases are registered where voters were turned back because they were not registered in Central Voters Register. In one polling station, more than 25 voters were turned back. In 36 polling stations, observers recoreded cases in which one person helped more than one person to vote.

In five polling stations in Doboj, voters were allowed to vote without identification documents. Also, there are registered cases of violation of election sielence on social media and also photos of the ballots were published. We remind the public, taking photos of the ballots is forbidden.

Until 9:00 p.m., the Coalition "Pod lupom" did not record any incidents at polling stations. The Coalition received 4 calls from the citizens. Most of the calls were related to the cases in which voters noticed their signature in the Excerpt  from the Central Voters Register even though they didn’t vote earlier.  All the recieved calls were from Doboj.

Most of the polling stations where Colation has it's observers present were closed until 07:15 p.m.. In some isolated cases, polling stations were closed after 7:15 p.m.. All polling station comettee's members were present during the closing of the polling stations. In 21 polling stations, citizens who were in front of the polling station at 7:00 p.m. were not allowed to vote, what should be vice versa.

All observers were allowed to observe voting process and determination of the results. In the most polling stations voting  process was in accordance with the Electoral Law of BiH and electoral rules.

The Coalition ''Pod lupom'' collected the voting results of today's early elections in three municipalities/towns – Doboj, Kakanj and Trebinje. According to preliminary results based on statistical sample from almost 50% of polling stations, in Doboj, independent candidate Boris Jerenić leads. Right after him is Nebojša Šajinović (SDS). In Kakanj leads Aldin Šljivo (SDA) and after him is Eldin Nijoč (SDP). In Trebine Mirko Ćurić (SNSD) leads and after him is Saša Borjan candidate of political subject '' Trebinje deserves better''.

Coalition's observers are still observing votes counting in some polling stations and also work of the local election commissions.

Today, The Coalition ''Pod lupom'' had on the field  145 obersvers in the polling stations, 14 observers in 7 mobile teams, 9 in local election commissions and 5 long term observers of early elections. Until 9:00 p.m. mobile teams observed aditional 108 polling stations.

For all additional information please contact Nina Zubović, the Coalition's Public Relations Co-ordinator via e-mail pr@podlupom.org or at 033 268 160 and 063 396 534.


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