Press release - 240 Reports on Critical Situation Received by 2 pm

The Coalition for free and fair elections “Pod lupom”, which implements citizen, non-partisan observation of the 2018 General Elections in BiH, reports to the public about the Election-Day processes until 2 pm.
Press release - 240 Reports on Critical Situation Received by 2 pm

The Coalition's observers reported about 240 critical situations that occurred on Election Day by 2 pm. 88 cases were resolved in collaboration with the Central Election Commission of BiH, local election commissions and police stations. The largest number of the critical situations refer to voting irregularities, while exceptionally concerning are reports about vote buying and other pressure on voters, which is being checked and resolved.

The most striking example is at the polling station 029B006 in Bijeljina where the voting process was stopped due to a fight that occurred in the polling station.

Also, observers reported about vote buying outside the polling station 050A066 in Tuzla about which the police were informed. The Coalition “Pod lupom” calls on the competent authorities to investigate cases like these.

Based on the reports, the Coalition's observers entered 22 objections in the Polling Station Poll Book, and it was instructed to enter additional 56 objections.

By 2 pm, the Coalition received 85 reports from citizens about irregularities concerning the voters’ register, bribery and pressure on voters.

The Coalition calls on BiH citizens to get out and vote and use their right to vote and on political subjects to observe the electoral silence and Election Law of BiH.

Citizens can report irregularities during Election Day to the Coalition “Pod lupom” by calling the toll-free number 080 05 05 05 or at .

The next press conference will take place at the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH, at 11 pm, at which time the Coalition will provide information about the voting process and the close of polling stations.


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