I vote for the first time

"I am voting for the first time!" is the project activity of the Coalition "Pod lupom" which means the education of young voters, citizens of BiH who are, or will be 18 years old soon, thus be eligible to vote.

The turnout for the elections is very important for the development of democracy in Bosnia and Herzegovina and young people constitute about 21% electoral body. Implementation of these activities is very important for the first-time voters, and they should be encouraged, further motivated and educated about the electoral process. 

In the period from March to October 651 interactive workshops were implemented for senior high school students and college freshmen entitled “I vote for the first time!”. In this period peer educators, 28 of them, educated 14.552 young people in 155 different education institutions. A quiz with the same title was organized in September, and all age groups had the opportunity to test their knowledge about the elections, which was done for the first time in the country, but also in the region. A total of 2.542 persons participated in the quiz, while the quiz application was launched/played 32.644 times. 

The second cycle of workshops will be held for the 2018 General Elections. The main purpose of education like this is to contribute to improving the quality of the electoral process in BiH, in line with international standards and best practices, encouraging active participation of citizens in the election observation and advocating for the promotion of electoral legislation.

''The workshops were innovative, relaxing and very motivating. Congrats to the educators Dženana and Mevludin, I believe other educators share the same qualities.  I really liked that we have an opportunity to be election observers and we should take the opportunity. Congrats and go ahead!'' - Ajša Luković, The Second Gymnasium Zenica

'' I took part in this very interesting workshop that was actually a simulation of the elections. It was very interesting, useful and we have gained a lot of new knowledge important for our future.  I think more of these workshops should be held regarding the political education of youth. '' Amila Vrabac, Gymnasium Fojnica

'' I really liked everything we, young voters,  have been introduced to during this ''First-time voters'' workshop.  Educators explained about voting methods and rules which are very important for our future.'' Nedžma Vehabović, Gymnasium Fojnica


Which one of the Coalition's ''Pod lupom'' recommendations for the improvement of electoral process in BiH is the priority?

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