Others about us

Others about us

,,You gave back the fait in the NGO sector and citizens’ actions to people!" Dragan Koprivica, Center for Democratic Transition, Podgorica


,,You can be satisfied with the logistics and cooperation you accomplished and the end you can be satisfied with everything you did during the election and your presence in media…" Bojan Klačar, CESID Belgrade


,,You showed that there are enough young and old and experienced people that can push this country in the right direction." Dragan Zelić, GONG Zagreb


,,I am pleased that not only are there international observers but also a large number of domestic observers all around Bosnia and Herzegovina. Their work is much appreciated. I appreciate the work of the ‘Pod lupom’ coalition and their efforts to inform the public about the electoral process." Peter Sorensen, ex EU Special Representative in BiH


Šta je prioritetno za unapređenje izbornog procesa od preporuka Koalicije ''Pod lupom''?

The nonpartisan president of the polling station committee (616)

Names of all members of all Polling Station Committees should be publicly disclosed 30 days before Election Day (186)

Voting boxes should be transparent (197)

The height of voting booth should be decreased (65)

All of the above (925)

Other (148)