The electoral legislation

The Election Law of BiH is the basic law for the organization and conduct of elections.

The Election Law of BiH  is the basic law for the organisation and conduct of elections. Election Law of Bosnia and Herzegovina regulate the election of the members and delegates of the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina and members of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and establishes principles governing the elections at all levels of government.

To this date, this law has had 20 amendments. Last changes to the Election Law have taken place in April 2016, which is not in accordance with the Code of Good Practice in Electoral Matters of the Venice Commission, which recommended that the election laws do not change in an election year.

The Election Law does not define the deadline for the formation of the executive branch, no penalty clauses in case of non-compliance for the formation of governments at all levels, which is after the last general elections was one of the reasons for the large delay in forming the cheeks of executive functions. At the same time, the Election Law does not know the institute, early elections that the statutory situations may serve as a mechanism to unblock the non-functioning of government.

For the organization and conduct of elections in BiH, Relevance is also the Election Law of the Republic of Srpska, Election Law of Brcko District, the Law on direct election of mayors in the Federation, other laws related to the electoral process, such as the Law on the financing political parties, the Law on Citizenship Law on Conflict of Interest Institutional authorities, the Law of permanent residence and temporary residence, the law of the Brcko District on choosing and changing citizenship of the entity, as well as all the regulations of the CEC. Unfortunately, in BiH there is no law on political organisations to regulate issues relevant for their responsible and transparent action.


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